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As mentioned on the Official Site, players will have the ability to develop land and start a new homestead anywhere in the world. Aside from building a house, the players will also be able to cultivate the land, which can grow resources. It's also possible, to simply buy a home in a village. Those investments can grow, when villages develop into more, but just a few houses.


Before an area can be used for housing, the node owning or containing the desired housing location must be developed up till the village level or higher.
Once a player claims a housing of any type, the player becomes a citizen of the node owning/containing the housing. Once a player is a citizen of a certain node, he may not become a citizen of any other node.
A citizen may only own housings in the same node. Claiming housings in nodes that a player is not a citizen of is not possible.
A player may loose his citizenship, allowing the player to become a citizen of a different node.

Housing Types

Housing comes in three different flavors:

  • Freeholds
  • In-Node housing
  • Instanced housing

Each player may only own one housing of each type.


Freeholds allow the player to customize a specified size of land to his desires. A freeholds can be customized to be industrial, agricultural, animal husbandry, housing, social and many more.
It can be claimed almost anywhere in the world. The possible locations of freeholds are limited by nodes, other freeholds and spawn areas.

In-Node housing

An in-node house can be purchased inside a node once the node reaches the village level. Depending on the node progression, more and more in-node houses become available.
These housing will develop alongside the node its in. The earlier the house is purchased, the larger it will become over time.

Instanced housing

Instanced houses are similar to in-node houses, but differ in the fact that the physical space is shared by all players owning an instance.